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Violent Femmes — Waiting For The Bus bass tabs

Song Title: Waiting for the Bus
Artist: Violent Femmes

ok, this is my 1st bass tab. this song has a good bass part, but i haven't found any postings
for it, so i decided to figure it out myself. i'm pretty sure about most of this. it's a
pretty easy song, and it's a bit repetitive. listen to the song for the timing.

Part 1:
—0———0—————————————————— ]
—————————0—2h4—2———————— ] repeat 6 times
———————————————————————— ]
———————————————————————— ]

Part 2 walkdown:

Part 2:
this part comes after "standing by the corner, waiting for the bus.."



* Part 3 walkdown:
"my precious time keeps slipping past.."

Part 3:
—————————————— ]
———————0——2—0— ] repeat 6 times
————2————————— ]
—3———————————— ]

* another Part 1 walkdown:
"the damn city bus moves so slow"

do Part 1 again
then do Part 3 walkdown
then there's a part with just drums & talking..

Part 4 walkdown:
after "will you please open up the back door?"

Part 4:

*Part 5:
"you got the mother and the kids
"you got the guy and his date"
"we all get mad"
"we all get laid"
"looks like somebody"
"forgot about us"
"standin on the corner, waiting for the bus"

do Part 1 again

* Ending:
"my precious time keeps slipping past"

the rhythm of the lines with the * in front of them are matched up with the words

mail me (abow@discover—net.net) if you have any comments or complaints, and sorry
if the tab is too confusing.. i'm too tired to look it over:)

Submitted by: Amy Bowen (abow@discover—net.net)

Tablature player for this song:


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