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Vast — Free bass tabs

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Song: Free
Artist: Vast
Bass Player: Thomas Froggat
Album: Music For People
Tabbed by: John Prather (jnprather@aol.com)
Member of the Bass Tab Archive Tabbing Army ~

Great song. The bassline is more or less straight forward, doubling the
guitar for the majority of the RIFFAGE.

The main riff, although simple, is somewhat difficult to transcribe accurately,
for a few reasons. It could be played about 6 different ways and sound pretty much
correct. This is how I think the riff is being played:


The first part of the riff is somewhat ambiguous in that you could hear the
low E notes as single notes each time. However I think it's only a single E the
first time. Note the muted click after each "DUNT"... you can hear it pretty
clearly if you listen the first time the riff comes in at the beginning. Also,
the upper part of the riff could be played on the A string. However, when I
saw Vast perform I noted that they were playing the entire riff on the E string.
Also, it's nearly impossible to tell if they're playing the octave lick
the way I have it transcribed or if it's all hammer ons/pull offs like this:
10h12p10h12h13p12p10h12 or some variation thereof. The guitar sounds like
it's doing it this way. However, at about 0:30, when the bass plays that part
of the riff by itself, it sounds like he's picking most of those notes (the way
I have it transcribed at top). Doing it all with hammer—on/pull—offs is quite
a nice pinky workout though.

As for the chorus progression, it's just quarter notes at E — B — F#, more than
likely played at these frets:


Again those higher notes may very well be played on the A string, although Thomas
more than likely would play it like this because of the nature of the main riff.

Back to a heavier part at about 0:59:
Again it's a little hard to decipher exactly what the bass is doing because
it's doubling the guitar and any variation would be pretty hard to hear:


It *ALMOST* sounds like they're doubling up the second high E in that riff.
I've seen the guitar part transcribed as being like this. I'm pretty sure they're
not doing this but it's hard to tell and I figured I should throw this in for


The entire song is based around these three sections. Enjoy!

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Vast - Free Bass Tab

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