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Urge — Closer bass tabs

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Okay, here's "Closer" as heard on The Urge's CD "Master of Styles"

Five String Bass, standard tuning

Main Lick

——————————55 00 44 00—————————————————— Repeat as needed
————————————————————————————33 55———————

——————————————————————————7777— Play under the "Wide Open"
——33333——————————333——————————— part. Hold/repeat as needed


—————————— ————————————
—————————— ————————————
—————————5 Repeat x3, then ————————————
——2—————— ——2—————0———
—————————— ————————————

That's pretty much it. Repeat the stuff as necessary. Tabbed by the
Bass Lord @ Texas Tech University. Any corrections or
comments mail to sarkasm45@hotmail.com

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