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Unsigned — Sixdaystoyesterday Eulogy bass tabs

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Bassist — Paul Pichon
Tabbist — Paul Pichon
Song — Still the Greatest Eulogy of all time

This is a cool song that is fun to do live just for the breakdown art that just
blows people away because the whole song kind of entrances you...but yeah

if your going for the low down bass sound like more at the begining
use all the notes on the d string but for like the verse (the chorus and
Verse are the same for me) i usually play on D then on the Chorus i used
D and A...but try it however you like...

ok for this i usualy slap the first part then use a three fingure pluking technique
for the last part..i love that part so Hard... i came up with it in a pinch because
we realized the song was kind of hypnotic so i said i will come up with a breakdown"
part...so i did
please email mne at qwertSiC@yahoo.com or the band at Sixdaystoyesterday@hotmail.com

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