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Unsigned — Funkplant The Awakening Veriant bass tabs

The awakening very varied bassline, this is not meant to represent the original bassline 
very much so please no emails saying that its wrong cos I know that I just wrote this cos
I wanted to make a funky version.
Try adding mutes like les does all over the song and it’s a good riff feel free to
use it as you will

(Tuning E.A.D.G)

(Let harmonics ring) ss p ss p

(Slap the lows pop the highs)

If you want to add a little definition to the harmonics then after you have just hit them
bend the neck slightly but I take no responsibility if you beak the neck of you bass through
over doing the bends!

Tablature player for this song:
Unsigned - Funkplant  The Awakening Veriant Bass Tab


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