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Tree — Deathwish bass tabs

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Band –tree
Tabbed by—CaL2

Im to lazy right now to type out all of the lines… so ill only tab the strings that
are used

A|—————————5555—77—66| he does this part at the end and some other
times too

He does this a lot during the song and then converts back to the verse

And every once and a while he will do this:


During the guitar solo he does this:

E—111—333—555—777—777—555—333—111—| and when the solo stops he does this I think

I think the amount of times he hits each note might be a little off.

And the outro


And the only reason I tabed this is because tree is the best band in New England and
I was
bored off my ass. Any corrections email me at Alein334@prodigy.net and I will fix

Tablature player for this song:


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