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Tool — Prison Sex (ver 2) bass tabs

Ok, here are the TOOL bass lines I promised way back when.  I figgured I'd
do something to "redeem" myself for my sins. Bassists, for your jamming
pleasure I have transcribed (sometimes only parts of) "Prison Sex", "Bottom",
"Opiate", and "Sober". I broke the songs down into riffs but you'll have to
listen tho the albums to get the exact tempo an rhythm. Also, the E—string
is dropped to D (this is common in, I think, ALL TOOL songs.)

Tips on playing these songs:
1) Play with a pick. Paul does. Although, sometimes I do it
w/ my fingers.
2) Boost your Treble and Mid a few notches to get a sharper sound.
But, you still want to keep the low end rumbling.
3) Don't be afraid to experiment. Paul varies his bass lines a lot,
give it a try as well. It's just easier to tab it when it's
straight forward.
|4) Use a 'chorus' effect. ——Bucky]

——Rich T. Viking

Prison Sex by TOOL
Originally posted to the TOOL mailing list on 12/4/94 by
Richard Pedersen
Retabbed in BTC by Bucky LaDieu

Intro riff:

Verse: Fill:
+———————————————————+ +—————————————16X—+
|*—————————0—————2—*| |—————————————16X—|
|*—2—2—2—2———2—0———*| |—2—2—2—2—0—2—14X—|
+———————————————————+ +——————————————————+


Notes: Here are the main riffs. The song consists mainly of these
with the exception of a bridge and a break, both of which I
didn't bother to figure. However, most of the break takes
place on the open—A and 2nd—fret A—string.

Created using the Bass Tab Creator
__ by Mario D'Alessio (motcid!marble!dalessio)
+|oo|+ Notes: w = Whole h = Half q = Quarter
|| e = 8th s = 16th t = 32nd x = 64th
|| Capital durations are dotted notes
|| (equal to 1.5 times the duration value)
|| #
|| +————+ +————+
_ || _ |*——*+ = MEASURE |4:——| = TIME
_||_// |*——*+ REPEATS |4:——| SIGNATURES
| | +————+ (#=Num Repeats) +————+
| || |
/ + = TIE ^ = TRIPLET > = BEND
______/ H = HAMMER ON = SLIDE TO FRET R = Rest

Tablature player for this song:
Tool - Prison Sex (ver 2) Bass Tab

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