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Tool — Blank bass tabs

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Justin Chancellor

Tablature Notation
~ Hold Note
b Bend
r Release Bend
h Hammer—On
p Pull—Off
S Slap Note
P Pop Note
/ Slide Up
\ Slide Down
*pb Pre—Bend
Mute: * * Mute Notes Above Stars
^ Accent Note(Play Note Stronger)
b(#) Bend String Until Note In (#) Is Reached
b(#)r Bend String Until Note In (#) Is Reached Then Release To
Original Note
x Ghost—Note Play Note On String but has no recognizable pitch
——— Notes W/ More ———'s Indicate Longer Space Between Notes

The Song "Blank" Appears on Tool's 2nd Album "Undertow" several
hundred times.
It has no time "0:00" and nothing plays on any instrument. There
are also no
Tablature player for this song:
Tool - Blank Bass Tab


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