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Does Anyone Name Their Basses?

5 string guy
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Think I'm weird for asking, but have any of you guys named any of your basses?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Haven't named my bass yet, but my Hamer Slammer guitar is named “Bela,” after a quote from the movie Ed Wood.

“No one gives two f*cks for Bela!”
Named my TBC Rusty because of the rust colored pick guard it has. My Ibanez is named Aries because of the color and every time I play it, it's like I'm going to war.
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Bass 1 (Cort74): Furio

Bass 2 (Aria SB 1000): Vesuvio
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Sadly I don't
bass 1 ( Ibanez sr500) vlad the impaler.

bass 2 ( epiphone rock bass) the great cornholio aka slap her till she screams ( i use a wah lol)

bass 3 ( ibanez sr300) Bob
and before you ask its because bob is a guy, kinda old. always sorta around. if ya need his help he gets the job done. he isnt the best.. but he is reliable. everyone knows a bob
My bass is named the slut and I am the falcon. Quote from a book. “Write about us, ‘The Slut and The Falcon.’”
u made a profile to say that? lol interesting
no? I signed up then I looked around and saw the forum.

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