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Best way to learn bass

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I'm curious as to the various methods and ideas people have for this since there is not just one way. Thinking of the first time you held your bass and the first couple of months you started. What did you do? How did you learn? Did you play simple tabs? Learn to read music? Was there a website or book you studied to help with fingering and technique?
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I already played 6 string guitar so it wasn't a totally new thing to do.
I learned scales first,then borrowed a few bass tutor books to get an idea of where I should be going.

Ed Friedland's http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bass-Grooves-Ed-Friedland/dp/0879307773

I found this book really useful.

I can read music on the treble clef easily enough, but the bass clef is really evading me .. its weird.

LoudLon [moderator]
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Learned by ear. When I first picked up a bass back around ‘97 or so, a buddy of mine loaned me a couple bass books – Nirvana’s Bleach and Metallica's And Justice for All – but I didn't know how to read tab at the time, and since I'm the type of moron who always has to do things the hard way, I learned by sitting down, listening to a song and finding the notes one fret at a time.

The first song I learned to play all the way through was Santa Monica by Everclear, a very simple song to play on bass. But before moving to guitar a year later, I'd gotten to the point where I could bang out stuff like Metallica's Orion, Megadeth's Peace Sells, Iron Maiden's The Trooper and other such complicated stuff.

I was amazed when late last year I picked up a bass for the first time since ‘98, and found I’d lost very little of my step. It was like slipping into your favorite pair of shoes. Bass felt like home.
Bought a bass a year and a half ago. Always wanted to learn but did the family/work thing early. Bought a hal Leonard all about bass book, lots of u tube and practice. After a while, you just start noticing similar patterns and shapes with everything. Also, learning when it sounds right. First song learned was Katrina and the Waves (walking on sunshine)(embarrased face). It was easy to learn.
I also learned by ear. Lessons are a complete waste of money, in my opinion at least. It seems like they'd be too slow. You can get a lot more done and learn your own style by teaching yourself. If you actually want to play an instrument or do anything, you'll do it yourself
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Jamming with your mates, that way you develop your own style, Hillel Slovak asked his trumpet playing schoolfreind if he'd get a bass and join his band and that's how Flea learnt
All self taught. Then loads of experimenting to get better.
saying self taught isn't telling us much tho lol. how? what method? what songs? u didnt just sit down and magically play lol u had to read some music or sit down and listen to a song and try to play along 1000 times
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Reading tabs whether it's scales or songs. The songs starting off had to songs i loved. Watching others do bass covers on YouTube. The best islplaying with an experienced guitar player or percussionist. That stuff you learn from that is priceless. Also just making my own riffs, that's really cool.
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About a yr ago I started with a “kit” from local music store. Came with a book and a cd to play with tabs in book. That really helped with some theory and scales and such…perfect for a newb.

That got old so I went to you tube to find actual songs with “how to play”. I started with the easy riffs but they were incomplete.
They did teach me how to move up and down the fret board though.
But if I liked the song I needed more. Tabs were the only thing I knew and not very well.

Then went to BBT to find tabs and started to play along with music while learning the tabs for the song.

Next I started playing with guitar players and learning root notes and fret positions. Then it has moved to timing and the difference between 1/4 to 1/8… notes to bass lines and effects…. its s journey that is far from over.
I think I picked it up so quickly because I've been in choir like most my life. I sing baritone or bass on 3 or 2 part so I am pretty good at reading the bass clef

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