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The shortage of bassists?

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I joined a band recently,so far its a mate on guitar, who knows a drummer, with me on bass and we've started to jam every saturday in a cheap studio..

Chatting with the drummer, he compliments my playing and then says to me “finding a good bass player is really hard to do..finding any bass player is hard to do!”

Why the shortage of bassplayers? everyone wants to be guitar-hero?

At the risk of censure..I always did think bass was a bit boring until I actually begun to play one.
yes thats exactly what it is. nobody takes it seriously at first. they think oh you can only hear the bass a little in the background. i want a guitar i want everyone to look at me…. the part of that plan that is flawed… try playing with no bass line and watch how it all falls apart. plus i like punk so i play bass as a lead. however its due to media also. and lots of songs u hear. if u heart more old 90s alt rock and punk rock on the radio instead of that crap u get now people would love bass. theyd wanna be like fat mike or les claypool or danny vapid. not eminem and billy joe from greenday or any of the other 100 crap songs churned out a day. people think what they are told to an extent. all we need it one crazy popular band with a lead bass player who is spectacular to be mainstream and everyone will want a bass.
That shortage will benefit all of us when looking to jam. It does seem like there is alot of converted guitarists on bass, and not strictly bassists. Slamin hit the nail right on the head
Actually I have played A LOT without a bass. My drummer and I have perfected it. But yeah everyone wants to be a “guitar hero”. I was before bass, then I was forced to play bass
forced to play bass? lol i own multiple guitars and 3 bass. i almost never touch my guitars.. ever. maybe 5 mins once a week
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Its true finding a bass player is hard. We lost ours 8 months ago. We have 4 guitar players and they all play something else like mandolin or bango or fiddle… not one plays or will play bass.
We couldn't find one so, me the drummer thought … I will try it. I play a little, very little acoustic guitar so I thought why not.
It's awesome. Never looked back.. when we play acoustic songs or just jamin at a buddies its all bass.
Started with a cheap squire now I have 5 including a Gibson and an acoustic bass.

its fun, and its easier to tote around. The bass gets a bad rap like you guys are saying but its awesome and makes all the difference in most music and all the music we play.

my only regret is that I waited so long to pick one up.

yeah i never liked the guitar too much. its some little toy i feel like i may break. my 2 main basses are an ibanez sr500 and an epiphone(gibson) rock bass
Hell yes I was forced. My band wouldn't stop whining about not having a bassist. So instead of singing and playing rhythm guitar occasionally I got to learn to sing and play bass. Now that I look at it, that's a win-win. My band now needs lead and rhythm and a bassist AND a singer. Man I've got it all covered
I prefer guitar. Solos are better on guitar. Simple as that. Oh and Palm muting is my favorite part. Can't do that on bass and make it sound good
solo's arent better on guitar… lol well sometimes they are i just dont like the whiney little whimpy sound of the strings in contrast to a bass.. but there's some pretty crazy bass solo's out there too. and things u cant do on guitar
Again, EQ and now effects. Compare the guitar solo at the beginning of Snuff by Slayer to the bass solo on Hammer Smashed Face by Cannibal Corpse. Guitar solos are just better.

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