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What bass do you plan on buying next?

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After I get my car definitely gonna have to get a Tom Araya ESP bass. I love ESP basses. Mainly buying it for the pickups and the inverted pentagram fret inlays. I usually don't like playing signature basses because it makes me feel like a wannabe, but hey, it's a pretty cool bass
LoudLon [moderator]
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I dig ESP basses quite a bit myself, especially their LTD D series and Stream series.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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i have an ESP always use to play C, D & Eb flat tunning its truly a great brand, as for my next bass im thinking another bongo musicman bass 6 string or a rickenbacker always wanted one, its my dream bass
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I'm trying to get my hands on a flea bass.
I always wanted one
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I'd like a 1977 MusicMan Stingray or a 1962 Fender Precision, it's all about vintage with me
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I am happy with the 2 i have for now.
Next bass is a Musicman. Hopefully a stingray. For now i will continue building my redneck toilet seat bass guitar out of old parts i have.
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Redneck toilet seat bass?
wow this is gonna be something.
this will be a must see lol
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So my first quality bass, which I still have, was an Ibanez Silver Series jazz bass made in 1977. It has been my ‘go to’ bass for years.

This Ibanez Silver Series PJ appeared on ebay a few days ago:


I think it has been much modded but it is still tempting!
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My next bass will be fretless. I'm thinking a Jazz bass or possibly a custom j bass.
I think I'm gonna try to grab a Music Man Bongo 6, 6 string JM custom. 6 string bass with a 5 string neck. Also, linkin, completely off topic, but I have a song for you to tab. message for details.

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