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Fieldy of KoRn gets too much shit

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I don't know why people give Fieldy so much shit just because he tunes his bass down and slaps. It's like Flea, just tuned down. I mean you can't compare the two's music; however it's no different play style. A lot of his lines are pretty challenging if you can ever find a correct tab. Most the tabs on here are pretty horrible so it makes him look mediocre.
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So most of the tabs on Big Bass Tabs are pretty horrible? To avoid a huge amount of flak I'd change that statement slightly, there's a Witch Hunt on at the moment and members are going down like flies, I know you are bigger than that but you might want to correct it. I'm not into Shock Rock where gimmicky make up hides the crap music but you might want to check out Alien Sex Fiends, Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied, shock rock indeed. Right, I'm off to work now, no rest for the wicked
I was referring to the Korn tabs obviously
And what the hell does shock rock have to do with this?
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Do they not wear masks? And dont adapt that tone with me young man, you're not too big for a clip round the ear
Korn is pretty much the creators of nu-metal (and sadly influenced Limp Bizkit), definitely not shock rock. Also, shock rock isn't even a genre. It's more theatrics based. So you're telling me Alice Cooper is a horrible musician? That's what you're saying
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Dont make me bring the smack down on yo ass beotch
Do it bro-bro. You win, I didn't start this thread to baby step people through genres and theatrics.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Korn, the creators of Nu-Metal? Korn, influenced by Limp Bizkit???

Kid, I recommend you walk – nay, run as fast as your legs can carry you – to the nearest library and see if you can find a book on the history of rock and roll. For one, Korn formed before LB and made it before them. Secondly, musically they're nothing alike. Thirdly – y'know what, just go look for that book. I don't come here to teach history.
johnny [staff]
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weren't faith no more the pioneers of nu-metal?
Lon I was one of the biggest Korn fans for 4 years, I said “And sadly influenced Limp Bizkit.” No where does that say “Influenced by”.

Johnny I wouldn't call Faith No More nu-metal… at all

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