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Anybody Else Use Guitar Center For Their Bass Needs?

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Nope, is it as good as Mansons, which has about six private soundproof rooms full of gear that you can sit and play for hours, they also have their own workshop where they do repairs and build guitars, they built one for Dave Grohl
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm from Louisville, KY; we have a thriving and sizable indie music community, and have for many, many years, so naturally we also have numerous independently owned and operated guitar shops. The best are the Doo Wop Shop in Louisville and Mom's Music a few miles away in Jeffersonville, IN. We got a Guitar Center in 2011, but with all my needs already being exceedingly well-met by Doo Wop's and Mom's, I've never felt a need to check it out.
I do and very happy with them
I wasn't very impressed with the Cincinnati location and if you were in the bass cave there was absolutely no help. I liked the Florence Kentucky store though. I do order things to pick up when my local mom and pop store is unable to get an item.
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Good to support your local music store and music scene when you can!
Lon, if you are feeling adventurous, checkout Guitar Center.
LoudLon [moderator]
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But okay, I'll give it a look.
Ok lol.

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