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The suggestion zone

KissyBoy [staff]
Posts: 42
11 years ago
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Hey! Welcome to the suggestion zone! You are now entering a world of … suggestions.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions regarding the site or the forum, please post them here. Also post if you just want to give us a pat on the back or give us a stern but honest critique.

Oh, and also, if you find any errors on the site or if it's not working properly for you, post here and we'll look into it ASAP as possible!
youtube embeds would be cool
Posts: 3
maybe something that would make posting tabs easily here could be implemented?
Posts: 1
I like that there are no popups or other annoying ads. please don't add them! thanks
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
@rockyIV yeah, we hate them too, so don't worry
Posts: 1
I've just found this site - it looks pretty new and already has a load of tabs. Excellent!I wish you well.
KissyBoy [staff]
Posts: 42
Thanks! Like I said, if any of y'all have suggestions, let us know, we're eager to please!
Posts: 1
I requested a tab a mounth a go and never heard anything
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
hey preboxx, i'm in charge of the requests and I usually fulfil them manually and am currently really overwhelmed with requests.

you requested up all night by hinder right?

hopefully i'll get on to it sometime soon..

we're also planning to release the request list public so that guys from the community may fulfil the requests and hopefully this'll move things along quicker.
Posts: 1
Can you have a list of the new tabs posted and pending?

Also, a list of the tabs that I have posted in my profile and a way of editing or removing them.
Posts: 2
I like how you can search by artist or song title but i think it woul also help if we could look by genre. other then that your doing an amazing job

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