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The suggestion zone

johnny [staff]
Posts: 915
As I've already mentioned in some other thread, I've added a tabs button to the forum! It's the final button in the toolbar (the one with the F clef). By clicking on it you automatically get this:


So now we can share awesome tabs on the forum as well!
can you do this for the tab submission page.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 915
Currently the tabs aren't styled like the forum, i.e. you can't create bullets, bold, italic text, so there's not much point in adding the tabs tag.

But this is not a bad idea. Tabs with much text around them (like lessons) would look really nice if bbcode (the syntax used in the forum) and the same styling as the forum were enabled.
Posts: 6
I could use a ‘favourites’ function so that I can get to my favourite bands and or songs from my profile or the menu bar. Rather than searching each time or bookmarking with the browser.

Possibly then some kind of highlighting when new tabs have been created for one of these “favourited” bands.
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 285
That's actually a great idea.

We'll do it!
Posts: 6
Could the tabs be organized by difficulty ratings? But seeing how many there are this one could take ages. But there are at least a few people that I have seen asking about which tabs are easy or more difficult for learning. Perhaps 4 or 5 grades of difficulty e.g. Beginner, Amateur, Semi-pro, Pro, Expert or just 1-5.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 915
It would be faster if we added a difficulty rating where users could vote, just like the star ratings. If people would take time to decide on the difficulties of tabs, we would have lots of data in no time.

It's a good idea.
one more thing i think i could add. the tabs can be marked by how many strings the bass needs for a tab. and people can put 4-5-6 strings when they submit a tab.
definitely need a favorites tab to easily find personal library

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