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The introductions thread!

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Hello, Sarah. Beautiful name, which is why we named our daughter Sarah.

Membership cards to the 40-something complacent bassists club will be coming in the mail. Keep an eye out for them.
John Taylor, nice. Welcome to the fold Sarah. and welcome to you as well Ezzo.
I suddenly feel like a baby…
How old are you Cliff?
Latex Sex
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Hi, i'm Christine. Into Latex, Sex & Bass and thats all you need to know.
LoudLon [moderator]
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That's actually maybe a little more than we need to know LOL

Welcome aboard.
Latex Sex
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Well the information is out there! At least you know!
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Welcome Christine. Probably the best introduction i've ever read
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welcome Christine. Are you able to pursue your three interests simultaneously? Cheers.
Latex Sex
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Glad you like the intro mayhem, it was written to shock, amuse & inform. Job done!
:| i see

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