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Loudlon's Tab Corner!

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You could buy a ready cut five string nut and cut the G string end off or just use a nail file to widen the slots on your existing nut. It would be interesting to hear how Jay got round this, but go easy with the file, the strings need to sit ON the slots, not IN them
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Marko, I actually bought a 4 string tuned to low b standard. Shortly after I found out not only is it pretty common in metal, but Journey's bassist Ross Valery also does it… If anyone is considering getting that as a cheap alternative to a 5 string, I personally recommend it. All the guys at guitar center had to do (since I'm incompetent and afraid of ruining my bass on a professional level) was get a new nut and cut it just right. Anyone with tools, a little time, and a 5 string set could pull this off pretty easily.
I have a Bass that is rigged for Low B Tuning. I own a repair shop. One of my customers came in and asked for his four string to be setup up for Low B tuning because he didn't like the weight of the 5 string. so, after i did the job, i did the same to one of my basses
I guess (if I was in the market for a five-string) I would just personally prefer to save up and buy one. But, that's just me. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. Just imagine, if we ALL liked or disliked the same things what a boring place this world would be. Gene Bellamy

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