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Loudlon's Tab Corner!

Lon, Maniac tab was excellent. Loved it & have rated it. Great job! Many thanks
Quote: Will do. All the tabs I have on UG were made when I was still using my crappy old PC speakers; the ones I have now pick up the bass better, so I'll re-visit Self Control in case I missed anything and make a new tab for it here.

That would be wonderful Lon, many thanks for that.
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Loving this thread, dedicated to our very own megastar Lon! It's very well deserved. I want to check out the Maniac tab as I'm another lover of that song. Also Laura Branigan's Self Control is a classic so though I can check out UG which I will do (I have no self control) I will wait till you submit it here to play along to it. That is if I can resist the temptation!
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I had a quick look at Maniac Lon. Liked the tab a lot & rated accordingly 5 STARS BABY!!!
If he could throw some more Depesh Mode on here, that would be fantastic.
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Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears, 1 vote in favor!
Totally Sid.
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the self control was great
i forgot all about that song until now
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Loudlon best tabs on site. I'm sorry, lots of sensitive types on this site, so he arguably has the best tabs.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Very rad of you to say, Manny. Some of the stuff I tab is a labor of love, stuff very few folks have heard of or would even bother to listen to (I'm sure not many folks remember or have even heard of Mike Watt, Letters to Cleo, For Squirrels, Brother Cane… ) so to receive that kind of compliment makes it all worth it. Thank you.

Sid – I thought someone already claimed that one in another thread? If not, I'll add it to the list.

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