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Favorite "Neck Slide" song

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10 years ago
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Probably sounds dumb, but all Bassists have a “slide jam” they like to play. Most of the slides are either really fun to play and/or just sound bad-ass. I am a fan of the slide and use them sometimes to make a bass line more fun to play. I have a few, but im sure we can all say RHCP's Give it Away Now now is fun but the main slide geta a lil old. So I threw just a few other variations of Flea's slide to break it up a little. I know a cpl bassists that go a lil overboard with em like the “80's Drummer afair with a cow bell”. Those a lil older know what im saying; we all had “that drummer” with too much cowbell.

So just wondering what others thought and what “slide jams” they might like to rip out. Always looking for fun new songs, lay it down if ya got one in mind, thx!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Skydiver, by Schtum, immediately springs to mind. Super-obscure song, but fun to play on both bass and guitar.
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Give it Away RHCP
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oh oh plus Otherside and wet Sand
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Not really a slide but Alright Now has that part where Andy Fraser goes right up the dusty end and back to the low end and back again, it's quite tricky. Btw Andy Fraser wrote Alright Now, a guitar anthem written by the bassist, anyone else think of another?
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Taper Jean Girl by Kings of Leon. That's all the chorus is
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I'm not sure what “neck slide” refers to. I assume, based on the RHCP reference, it's songs that have up slides or down slides played a lot.

Nothing comes to mind right now. Except for Tony Franklin fretless stuff.

Speaking of… Has anyone tabbed Blue Murder's song “Riot”? Great fretless stuff on a song where the baseline really punches.
Yea, I was trying to think of the best way to say it in a forum title. All I mean is a song that is fun to play with some slides. The intro to Shout at the Devil by the Crue is fun too. Nothing major, just some slides are fun and sound cool.
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Yeah Ryder. I always play the intro for the heck of it. And it sounds cool
My Lovely Man by RHCP, been diggin on that one the past cpl days. Ears perk up in the Music shop when you start laying that one down.
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Zeppelin's version of In My Time of Dying.

Rush - Leave That Thing Alone

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