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Instead of talking in the Forums we should have chat boxes like facebook has (don't you think?)

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Welcome aboard Beatle Bass
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I think in here we are more of a close knit community
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Good point softcell62, much more cosy in here. Not a fan of facebook.
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I agree, facebook ain't that good
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Too many privacy issues for my liking with facebook.
I don't use Facebook often. I only use it to talk to people I haven't seen in a while and that don't live by me. I think the forum should stay as is, open and free.
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Facebook is okay. I went through a phase of using it all the time but the novelty soon wore off. Don't think I've checked it out in weeks.
bass freak
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Tried Facebook but got bored by it. Never tried Twitter. Here is the place to post!
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I only use Facebook to keep in touch with family and old friends. I don't use it as a daily device to communicate.

Forums are better for that kind of communicating.

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