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Manson, Worst Band Of The 90s!

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I just made this to mock Marko. You're welcome
LoudLon [moderator]
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Somebody call the fire department. I think we have a flame war on our hands.
I don't want to start shit. I just want to show Marko how childish he looks right now. Uh oh I hate REM. Come slit my throat guys
If you'd said Hanson instead of Manson, I'd be more likely to agree, but still… c'mon… Aqua!!
I'll have to listen to Aqua. Doesn't sound very spectacular
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If you had said you hate REM then fair enough, you are entitled to your opinion but to say that one of the most iconic bands of the 90s was the worst showed a lack of musical knowledge. I dont hate Marilyn Manson, I just dont listen to them
Well Marko sounds like you have lack of musical knowledge if you say Marilyn Manson is the worst band ever because he's one of the biggest shock rock and industrial metal acts. Must we go to GG Allin again? I don't think many people would disagree he's the worst band ever
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bass freak
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Is it worth making the effort to comment?
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I think the title says it all, but I think there are worse.
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Loudlon i don't know what to say to this lol

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