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bass freak
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Mark – I hope you're joking. That's the wrong Eddie Money LOL

Played it on you tube, really good song. Looking forward to the tab Lon
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Haha just kiddin, I'll give him a listen
LoudLon [moderator]
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If you're looking to pop your Eddie cherry give these a listen:

Two Tickets to Paradise
Take Me Home Tonight
Think I'm in Love
No Control
Get a Move On
Walk on Water
I Wanna Go Back
Club Michelle
Endless Nights
Take a Little Bit
Got to Get Another Girl

If these don't make you a fan, nothing will.
bass freak
Posts: 320
I'll make sure to give them a listen Lon. Always good to get musically educated!
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Okay Lon, if you suggest these tracks the least I can do is give them a listen.
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Trindad is a nice little song

Take your time Loudlon. its awesome of you to bring him to life

For a second here i thought we had a “don't know money” person. shocked me for a minute.

anyone who seriously doesn't know him need to listen to him. ask me for a sogn and i will get it.

I actually have his original print discography on CD

Eddie Money
Life For The Taking
Playing For Keeps (My favourite)
No Control
Where's The Party
Can't Hold Back
Nothing To Lose
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some of his songs hit the heart and that is the power of the money man
Posts: 624
I don't know if some know this but in 2011 Eddie released a brand new song
As some of you know I am a canadian and i was once a soldier in the Canadain Military and have a infinte respect for the American Troops out there as well i wish i could learn more about American Culture from the people who live in the country
But even as a canadian this song really hit the heart and only Eddie could bring this song to life

here it is

Geez, who wasn't a soldier? Anywho I love his voice. The first song of his I heard was Playing For Keeps and I loved it
Posts: 624
that is a great song and i love the album
try take me home tonight linkin

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