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Welcome to the 400 Club!

Posts: 461
I think you get an idea of the character of the 2 400 members. Read their replies!
Bassguy1 - Gracious & friendly.
linkinpark232 - “as long as I can find a good argument”.
Take a look at the REM thread linkin, you wanted an argument, plenty in there you can do that with.
Well um what I said in this was a joke; however I obviously do like to argue about random things.
And actually I didn't just say a good argument
bass freak
Posts: 320
True you didn't just say that, but that part pointed out stands out like a sore thumb! All you have done lately is just argue for the sake of it.
And those arguments have helped me get into the 500s
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1540
Major achievement there, young ‘un. Five hundred posts, 90% of which are childish and argumentative, which basically marks you as nothing more than a troll. And in case you’ve never been a member of a website before, trolls invariably wind up banned.

So keep it up. Please.
bass freak
Posts: 320
Spot on Lon! Can't believe we have a troll among our membership.
bass freak
Posts: 320
And those arguments have helped me get into the 500s

Yeah you should be so proud!
Posts: 285
Nothing worse than a troll. Lon again says it perfectly.
Funny linkin you were welcomed into the 400 club alongside Bassguy1, nothing for your reaching 500, that speaks volumes!
I will get there eventually. I'm not 14 anymore. Got a job to go to. Can't just sit around on this site all the time like some hint, hint. Linkin, if you're still here after you read this, you were a good sport and can now be my friend lol

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