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Missing Persons

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So bassm99 threw a curveball of a tab with Windows by Missing Persons. I've not listened to their songs in a very long time, too long! I have forgotten how good a band they were. I must have been probably one of a very few people in the UK that actually liked them & not just because guitarist Warren Cuccurullo had joined Duran Duran after they split up. I have the debut LP at home (hiding somewhere) & a couple of UK singles.
Windows was one of my favourite songs from the LP. Imagine my surprise to find it tabbed. So yesterday afternoon I saw it & played along to it & it sounds fab! Thanks bassm99 Any more you want to submit?
And I rated it too bassm99!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Missing Persons was a good band. Dale Bozzio should sue Lady Gaga for stealing her act.
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Missing Persons were excellent. When did you get into them lovetheeighties? I only discovered them after the split when Warren joined up with Duran Duran. I got the first two albums which I loved. Sadly I missed out on their final album.
I hear a lot of talk about Lady Gaga associated with Dale. Not a bad person to be influenced by!
Look at the cover of Rhyme & Reason, I think Gaga took inspiration from it for her cover of her Fame Monster album.
Hey icehouse1, I got into Missing Persons after Warren had joined Duran Duran, I think ‘87 or ’88. I managed to find their debut LP going really cheap in a record store in London, thought I'd give it a go. I also managed to pick up the Destination Unknown & Words singles soon after. Just fell in love with the album & played it to death. Seems like you got to experience more music than I did, lucky you! Was the second album ever released in the UK? I wasn't aware of any more releases back then.
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I like to throw the odd curveball lovetheeighties with my tabbing I know Missing Persons were well known in the US but were pretty much ignored in the UK. Like icehouse1 & lovetheeighties I only knew of the band when Warren first got together with Duran Duran. The only song I ever heard/owned was I Can't Think About Dancin' which I found cheap in a London record store. I wonder if we went to the same store lovetheeighties? For some reason I never sought out any more of their records. Only in the last couple of Months I discovered their songs on you tube & I really like what I'm hearing. I was inspired enough to tab Windows, hopefully more to follow.
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I knew nothing about this band before this thread was started so i thought i would go check them out on you tube. I was quite impressed with what i saw and heard
TheDude [staff]
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every time i see this thread's title i get a mini heart attack, thinking someone is looking for a missing person here.

phew, it's only a band.
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No missing people that I know of TheDude I was aware of the band back in the 80's because of the Duran Duran connection with Warren but never heard any of their music. I think I'll do what mayhem did & go check them out on you tube.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Has anyone tabbed “Words” yet? If not, I call dibs!
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Lon, I submitted Words a little while ago. If I had known you wanted to do it I would have happily stepped aside. Sorry!

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