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If you could have any bass in the world for free, what bass would you get?

I would get an Ibanez SR5000E Prestige. I love the way it looks with the gold and the fret markers.
Great question. Probably a custom red Gibson Thunderbird
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Graphite neck Modulus Flea Bass w/ Lane Poor pickups.
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Warwick Vampyre NT
Maybe a Fender Precision… I just love it
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm actually pretty easy to please and don't need anything overly elaborate or expensive but if I had to pick, I'd say probably a Music Man Classic Stingray.
Cliff Burton's ACTUAL bass.
Cliff Burton's ACTUAL bass.
That would be pretty cool, but I wouldn't choose it because the Aria was kind of Cliff's thing.
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Andy Rourkes 1964 Precision, it's well played and very worn and has that Cool factor
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The Duff Mckagan Precision bass
Definitely a Rickenbacker 4001

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