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New Bass?!?

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I'm thinking of getting a new bass im planning on either the mike dirnt or epiphone sg bass any reccomentations
johnny [staff]
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what's your price range?

I haven't played on the basses you mentioned so can't really help you. Read any reviews yet?
anything from 200 t0 700 and i have read reviews they both sound really good but i need more ideas my current bass is the ibanez gsr200
I also used to have a SG bass (well, EB-O). However, it broke, so I couldn't play for a month until I got my B-15 five string. But you should ask yourself if you have everything you need, like an amp stack, wireless system (don't need it, but still,) enough strings to last you a year, recording software if you have a band, and maybe some pedals if you need them, THEN you should totaly get that bass dude.
But if it's more of a hobby then just go and get your bass
well im thinking of getting the eb-3 the good one but also i heard the mike dirnt bass i effing awesome
This is also a pretty cool model if you're gonna play metal
And here's a good one for punk
Those, Those are what I believe to be in your price range, however the Extreme 4 is a bit more ($400) but believe me it's worth it.
I picked up that Schecter Extreme 4 last weekend on sale for $319. I would have gladly paid more. Schecter's seem to be more geared towards metal but it sounds good playing most anything - funk, jazz, metal.
sweet im probably going with the extreme 4
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I have the esp f-104 so im just gna say. ITS AWESOME. that all
damn now i gotta think about that 1

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