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New Bass?!?

I don't know, they're both good, it just matters what you want to play. The only reason why I said the f-104 is more metal is because that's what Tom Araya from SLAYER uses.
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excuse the beginning. but this guy plays the bass pretty awesomely
get a p-bass
any specific in mind i ve had a squire vintage and a shop used gibson
I don't know… If you're going to get Fender/Squire Go for the J Bass or a Jaguar instead. Jason Newsted from Mettalica used a Five string J bass
idk still cand find anything good
maybe a spector or a good ibanez
go to your nearest music shop and play as many as you can. I wouldn't buy a bass that I hadn't tested out first. I'm still rocking the j-bass I started with, nothing else has felt quite right for the right amount of money. Great tone and a cool look aren't the only factors to consider. I'm going this weekend to try out an Ibanez SR750 (and some stuff that is way out of my price range just for fun) but I doubt it will have that feel I'm looking for.
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I own a Schecter and can tell you they are quality instruments. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Fender Precision. you can get a good Fender MIM P bass for under $400.
i'm thinking of getting a standard p bass fender

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