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New Bass?!?

The next bass I get will be a custom bass from Anonymous Guitars, the head luthier does quality work
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B.C. Rich Warlock plays great looks great,blood splatter. great deal on last years model. $250
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I just got a new bass myself, a Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass in rich transparent wine red. Purely BEAUTIFUL!!! It has an on-board active bass boost circuit that PUMPS LOW END!!! Truly a wonderful instrument. PJ pickup system with for control knobs - one for each pickup plus a master tone control and master volume control. If any of you are considering a new bass, please give this beauty a look. I am NOT disappointed! This bass does everything and delivers low end in exponential amounts! Your looking at a price of about $200, but i played many before i chose this sweet thing, and it has not disappointed me in the slightest!

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