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5 days to a try out, stressing out!

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So I've been talking to someone and I'm trying out for their band Tuesday. What is the best thing to do at a try out to make myself look impressive? This is my first try out and I'd love to have the spot. Their style is more guitar based, hard rock, and somewhat southern. Like Pretty Reckless minus all of the metal influences. They also do covers of songs from 70s to present day. Please, I need some tips and suggestions! Their demos are here: http://m.reverbnation.com/artist/3495916/songs
johnny [staff]
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The best thing you can do is to learn their own songs. This is much easier because they have the demo.

Otherwise, an important factor is to not be afraid of them and act natural. If you get the spot you'll likely be hanging out with these guys and become friends sooner rather than later, and I'm pretty sure they'll be considering you as a person as well, not just as a bass player (at least our band did this when we needed a guitarist).
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Make sure your timing is perfect, especially while doing complicated things, that will impress them (at least the drummer) and don't stop if you miss a note or something like that, listen to what they do and correct yourself while playing
The guitarist seems pretty cool. The cool thing is that they don't really care I'm 11 years younger than them as long as we can make good music and have a good time! And in my band with my friend I miss a few notes on Slayer songs and plow right through as if nothing happened. I'm used to it from choir
LoudLon [moderator]
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Ask them for a set list (if they're a cover band) or for copies of their original work, and learn it. Be prepared, first and foremost. Secondly, don't be bashful. Be yourself. Bands are like families and they want to know that not only can you play their stuff, but that they gel with you as a person as well. Plenty of times there have been singers or musicians who have joined bands not because of how good they are at what they do (though that is a bonus), but because they clicked with the other members of the band. Basically, you want to sell your playing ability AND yourself as a person.
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I agree with Lon, your playing isn't the most important part of being in a band, hard as that may seem. You obviously have the confidence or you wouldn't have applied. Just be yourself, be prepared to listen to their ideas but put your ideas into the mix too. Good luck. Btw, age is immaterial, I am…..Ermm… Shall we say not the same age as my band mates but we all get along great and that's the perfect recipe for a bands success
I was just told I need to learn all 20 fret note names on the E and A. Should also probably look into scales when I get the time
Never mind, I didn't know that on guitar the notes were A-G#. I totally forgot about what I've learned in choir over the years. I feel stupid I didn't know that
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Guitar is E A D G B E
Hey man it's all about attitude. If you stay calm and keep a positive attitude. And if you get on well with them, i.e. learn songs and get along with them, the rest should fall into place.
Marko I'm talking about frets like the 1st on E is F then F# and so on

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