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5000 registered users!

johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
Hey guys

we now have over 5000 registered users! This is a great way to start the year 2014.

We're thinking up of new features.. things that I have in mind to do are

- a section to display video lessons. videos showing how to play a song could also be posted right alongside the tabs themselves.
- a tool for transposing tabs
- a non-destructive way of reducing the number of tabs for a particular song
- optional email notification of private messages (and/or comments to your submitted tabs)
- a more detailed request handling system (e.g. tag yourself on a request so that the person requested it knows that someone's working on it)
- a more detailed submission system, also allowing regular members (e.g. sid, danny and others) who submit quality tabs to automatically publish their own tabs to reduce approval times.

we sure could use some help with ideas or concepts for new features for the website. If you feel like there's something you miss or some novel feature that you would like to see added, let's continue this discussion here.
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What about a Gallery so members can show off their prized basses and a ‘Tech Talk’ section to help with members technical problems, (my speciality)
Posts: 1499
I agree with Marko's ideas. I very much like the idea of a tech talk/luthier section. We had a good luthier in my town, but she's now retired. A qallery would a fun place to burn the odd few minutes now and again. Cheers.
Just as long as we don't turn into a community like Ultimate Guitar… and I think a poll button would be nice with different selections
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
Johnny, Sid can i have my own channel or corner on the page? you know so it would be easier for me to post my work, vids, lessons, and other stuff.

Oh and i also thought of another thing we could post on the page. Concert or any other music event calendar, so that people can be up to date on shows nearby where they live and where they could get tickets for the shows themselves.

Posts: 1499
Hey Danny, I'm just a peon, not an administrator or anything. Johnny, TheDude, and Kissyboy run this site. I'm sure they will try to accommodate anything that will make this a better site. cheers.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
Danny, you mean kinda like tabs but not tied to a specific artist but to yourself?

We could maybe enhance the user profiles so that people could have their own lessons there that they want to put public instead of just tabs for songs.

I think posting events and shows could get a bit tricky as I think the clientelle is quite international. The statistics show that 35% of visitors are from the US (calculated from december 2013), the other half is spread all around the world, so it could get messy. But it's a good idea for sure.

A gallery also sounds fun and could also be tied to this enhanced user profile, where you could post photos of your gear or gigs.

To draw a line, the one thing that could really be done is that we improve the user profile. We make it so that users can add more info about themselves, pictures of their gear, links to their bands or youtube channels, something like that.
Posts: 125
If the forum could have sections such as “Tech Talk” great idea Marko
“Tab discussion”
“Band discussion”
“bass playing advice”
That would be pretty awesome
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
We could do this, but right now I don't think the forum's big enough and it seems quite cool that everything's in one place. What does everyone thing?

Forum sections, yes or no?
Posts: 3139
What I love most about BBT is that everyone is so friendly like one big happy family, as long as we don't lose this everything else is fine with me
Now we just need all 5,000 members to do the intro thread.

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