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5000 registered users!

I agree, simple and to the point is what makes this a good website in my opinion. I don't want to complicate it unneccesarily. If we were to have forum sections it should be really simple and people shouldn't have an inherent fear of posting something in the wrong section (as I often have on huge forums with power hungry moderators).
I like that idea….. If it became a thing, when would it be up and running?
What about a Gallery so members can show off their prized basses and a ‘Tech Talk’ section to help with members technical problems, (my speciality)
Go on……….
Danny, you mean kinda like tabs but not tied to a specific artist but to yourself?We could maybe enhance the user profiles so that people could have their own lessons there that they want to put public instead of just tabs for songs.I think posting events and shows could get a bit tricky as I think the clientelle is quite international. The statistics show that 35% of visitors are from the US (calculated from december 2013), the other half is spread all around the world, so it could get messy. But it's a good idea for sure.A gallery also sounds fun and could also be tied to this enhanced user profile, where you could post photos of your gear or gigs.To draw a line, the one thing that could really be done is that we improve the user profile. We make it so that users can add more info about themselves, pictures of their gear, links to their bands or youtube channels, something like that.
This is a grand idea. I can't make tabs to save my life, but I'm great at showing visual examples.
5000 registered users is a wonderful landmark! Well done Big Bass Tabs!

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