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Need some advice for beginner learning exercises

Hello BigBassTabs! This is my first post. So I was wondering, what exercises and/or easy songs should I learn? I am a very early beginner, and need some simple songs or exercises to do. Thanks.
Never really did exercises as those got boring. Easy stuff finger wise is: Hair of the Dog by Nazareth and Chop Suey, Toxicity, Suite-Pee and a lot of others by System of a Down. Pick wise: Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills by Pantera, Don't Mater and I Want You by Kings of Leon and Reflecting God, Beautiful People, The Nobodies, Valentines Day, Coma Black, and more by Marilyn Manson. That's the easiest I can think of. Once you get enough time in with the bass learn some Motley Crue stuff such as Too Fast For Love, Smokin In The Boy's Room, Live Wire, Dr.
Feelgood. I see you like Cliff so I assume you listen to Megadeth, try Dawn Patrol by Megadeth. Not as hard as it sounds.

That's just stuff I played, try it out and see if you like it
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At this stage it's very important to get the fingering of your fretting hand correct and I'm afraid as boring as scales are they are essential. When playing scales, for instance lets do G Major, G is at the third fret on the thickest string, the E string. Put your middle finger on the G, your other fingers must stay on the adjacent fret positions so you have one finger per fret position, this means your middle finger stays at the third fret across the strings, you index finger stays at the second fret, your ring finger is at the fourth fret and your little finger at the fifth so as you move across the strings your hand is locked in position and not moving all over the place and is essential for building up speed. Other areas you need to focus on are Triads and Arpeggios, and use Progressions to help you build Basslines. If you play other peoples Basslines, you will end up being someone who plays other peoples bassline, if you want to be a bass player you will have to develop your own style. The best advice I can give you is get together with some friends and jam together, they don't have to be musicians but just have an interest in their chosen instrument, you will all develop much quicker as a band in this way. Hope this helps and good luck
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I agree wit Marco and linkin, I've been playin for about a year and half now. I started off learning some scales but it did get boring. Started learning songs, and just fooling around on fretboard. Its good to incorporate both. Some days I scale somedays I do songs. When I get bored I just put it down for a couple of days. Right now I'm doing scales and it's fun cause I have a bit more knowledge.

One song that is great for timing is “walking on the moon” by the police. Notes are easy keeping time is the challenge. Good luck man. Keep ur strings FAT
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Hey cliffburton fan i would suggest you get familiar with using the E and A string ALOT, considering cliffs rifts mainly focused on these 2 strings since he played E, A and G scale alot. After you get that done try practicing hammer ons on the G string all the way down to the E String as he did that on his solos and in between bridges and chorus.

As well as that try practicing octave scale exercises where you start from the E or A string and work your way playing the scale till you reach the first note's octave.

Let me explain myself:

Orion Bass Solo Rift
(1st Part You play)
|1st n|oteofoctave |1|st noteofoctave
| |
| 2nd noteofoctave
|2nd noteofoctave
He likes playing with the E and F# scales from song to song and then alter them with A
G and D Scales in between.

johnny [staff]
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Danny I added the tabs tag to your post so it's much more readable.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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johnny you are the boss
LoudLon [moderator]
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As far as easy songs go, you can't go wrong with Nirvana, AC/DC or Collective Soul. They all know how to rock while keeping it simple. A few others off the top of my head which are both easy AND help you learn new techniques:

One Headlight, by The Wallflowers, and La Grange, by ZZ Top (good for learning how to “gallop” your fingers)

Feel the Pain, by Dinosaur Jr. (lots of bass power chords)

Cannonball, by The Breeders, and Oceans, by Pearl Jam (both good for learning slides)

Cherub Rock, by Smashing Pumpkins (good for alternate picking)

Crash Course in Brain Surgery, by Metallica (Drop D and chug away)
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Danny, don't wanna teach me Granny to suck eggs, or teach Danny to suck eggs either, that little excercise you demonstrated was Power Chords, also known as Fifth chords cos you play the Root, fifth and octave of the Major scale, of course I know you knew that but forgot to mention it. Rock on brother
LoudLon, great picks! And for galloping also try out Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden. It's great for it just like La Grange by ZZ Top as LoudLon suggested. I started playing with my fingers again after 5 months a couple weeks ago. My fingering has gotten a lot better, don't be like me and play with picks only for 5 months
Thanks for all the tips guys. I wasn't expecting to get so many replies. And yes linkinpark I do like Megadeth.

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