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Easiest RHCP songs?

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Alright guys, Flea is one of my major inspirations,till now ive been playing metal and a rock.Can anyone list down some easy slap n pop basslines by flea?
Well I don't know any “easy” stuff by them
LoudLon [moderator]
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Give It Away. Basically a repetitive chorus riff, a repetitive interlude riff, and a two-note chorus riff. A few fills here and there but nothing overly complicated. Simple but cool.
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Its all easy really but if you are looking for an easy slap and pop song check out Rage Against The Machine ‘Take the Power Back’. Rage are also cool because bass player Timmy C climbed a wall of cabs and hurled abuse at Michael Jackson as he was giving a speech at the MTV awards. What a hero
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I hate slap and pop anyway but two easy Chili songs to get you started are Under the Bridge and Californication, Flea uses a lot of octaving and fifths and his lines arent hard but he makes them flashy with his style
Higher Ground is simple its just fast look for a vidby a nick weiss on youtube it'll show you the first/main riff
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Snow (hey ho)
Definately play snow(hey oh)! It's an easy bass line thats quick to learn and easy to play. Plus youcan play slap or not.

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