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Songs with this tuning

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This tuning is weird, it's a crossover of Drop D and Drop C. What do you call that cause the tuning is DGCF. Anyways I just learned Too Fast For Love by Crue and I really loved the sound of it. What are some more Crue songs or any other bands that use this tuning?
johnny [staff]
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This is actually D standard. It's two half-steps downtuned from the regular E tuning.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Pretty much everything the Crue plays is in D standard (all strings tuned down one step), so take your pick. Though in all actuality, you don't really HAVE to drop all four strings; you can just drop D and any note lower than an A (open 3rd string) you can play on the 4th string. They do have a couple songs they play in Drop C, but the same thing applies; you only really need to tune down the 4th string.

I do this when playing just about any song in standard D. Stuff like Godsmack and Disturbed, for example. But then I'm lazy, and if I can avoid having to detune all four strings when I can simply drop D and shift over two frets on the other three, so much the better

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