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Easy Metal songs to start off with?

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Ive been playing bass for quite a while now,I usually play rock basslines from Nirvana,Gnr,Greenday and ocassionally RHCP and Pink Floyd.I wanted to start off playing metal but dont know any good metal bass lines to start off with.
Most Marilyn Manson!!!! Some of his songs are tricky to get the best down and fingering but it's usually pretty straightforward. And some Megadeth such as Trust, She Wolf, 1,000 Times Goodbye, and a couple others. And if you can fret very quickly try out some Slayer such as Disciple and World Painted Blood
LoudLon [moderator]
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Enter Sandman, Wherever I My Roam, Crash Course in Brain Surgery and Nothing Else Matters, by Metallica

Trust and Kill the King, by Megadeth

Pretty much anything by Godsmack, but especially Bad Religion and Voodoo

Breaking the Law, by Judas Priest

Home Sweet Home, Wild Side, Kickstart My Heart, Too Fast for Love, by Motley Crue

Stricken, Stupify, and Down with the Sickness, by Disturbed

This is Not and Push It, by Static X

I'll stop there so as not to hog the thread.

Believe in Nothing by All That Remains (if you have a 5 string)

Man In The Box, Them Bones, Would?, and No Excuses by Alice in Chains.
All though, Alice in Chains isn't really Metal. So Best Bet, Walk by Pantera
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British Steel from Judas Priest
paranoid by black Sabbath playing it since 1973 and sill playing it long live mr butler
Walk was insanely easy. This is pretty much it: 0-001-0001 and then 0001// 0001 08 0001 06 0001 04 0000000001000000002. Not sure on that last part I just play that when I hear it. I don't have a set amount

Anyways try these by Manson: Reflecting God, Beautiful People, Tourniquet, Angel With The Scabbed Wings (my tab is the best one I've seen), Antichrist Superstar, Minute Of Decay, Little Horn, Mister Superstar, Hey Cruel World, Slo-Mo-Tion, Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms, lots of stuff from Portrait of an American Family and like everything from Holy wood. Oh and his EP Smells Like Children takes about 20 minutes to learn
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The Cult has many great rock songs that are not difficult to learn to play.
Ell todo
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Start out as you mean to carry on. I don't know where your staring from but I would recommend “Hells Bells” if your above that “black dog” or “the ocean” then try “ Invaders” good luck. Have fun
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Thanks peaople,im gonna try these out

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