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Top 10 british punk basslines ?

punk bass man
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bass freak
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What are yours punk bass man?
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I like this question! Here are some of my favorites:

Paul Simonon's bass line to London Calling.
The bass lines by Robert Blamire of Penetration for the songs Silent Community and Don't Dictate.
Paul Dean's bass lines in the X-Ray Spex songs Germ Free Adolescents and Warrior in Woolworths.
I think they were created by Glen Matlock though played by Steve Jones on the album, the bass lines for God Save the Queen and Holidays in the Sun by the band that started it all, The Sex Pistols.
Pat Collier's creations for the songs No Heart, Keep It Clean, and Whips and Furs by The Vibrators.
JJ Burnel's Nice ‘n’ Sleazy bass line, actually many of Burnel's crunchy, grinding lines are great.
And pretty much all of the bass lines played by Mark Hambly on Vice Squad's Stand Strong, Stand Proud album.
Edit: I almost forgot to include Ali McMordie's work with Stiff Little Fingers. Good, melodic bass lines on the Nobody's Heroes and Go For It albums.
Still take you home by arctic monkeys (or dancing shoes) uh blood fever by send more paramedics. dear jerry or bad habbits by the monks. maybe even drugs in my pocket. all catchy by the monks. it's gonna get worse and no by the subhumans
sex pistols pretty vacant
undertones teenage kicks
stiff little fingers alternative ulster
dead Kennedys holiday in Cambodia
addicts steamroller
stiff little fingers gotta get away
buzzcocks orgasm addict
ramones blitzkrieg bop
sex pistols god save the queen
dammed love song
lol the ramones are british?
Ha sorry
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great songs punk bass man! However, Ramones and Dead Kennedys were US bands. Not that it matters really! And I will add Wait for The Blackout by The Damned to the list.
Ha sorry yeah i know that ones a proper tune
Ha sorry yeah i know that ones a proper tune
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Not sure about a top 10 but i love Guns of Brixton by The Clash!

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