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Top 10 british punk basslines ?

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Warhead by UK Subs. Not a top 10 bassline but one that I like.
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I also like Public Image bassline by PIL.
Ell todo
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How did we get this far along and miss out the sp,s submission, way cool bass line. The a.n.l also run some cool bass riffs too! Ballad of DJ something is simple and cool. And I agree All stranglers bass is good. JJ was my first roll model hehe
Yeah warhead !! Hey hey how about stiff little fingers gotta get away
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Now that we've come this far can we move onto British New Wave, beat this, Joy Division, ‘Atmosphere’
i agree btw. dear jerry by the monks is awesome. lots of send more paramedics songs are good
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Into the Valley by the Skids
blood fever by send more paramedics.
the lurkers!
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Death Disco - Public Image Limited. Wobble is the man!

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