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Happy 2012!

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Davy Jones was there because he was English, not because he was a great singer, Mickey Dolenz did the singing, not a problem cos someone else did the drumming. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Monkees music, I watched the programme on a tiny black and white screen in the sixties, but let's not pretend they were anything other than unashamedly manufactured, yes they were great musicians, Michael Nesmith in particular but let's not lose sight of the facts. And as for Whitney, she was diabolical, she has started a trend for female singers to whale and warble and make an awful cocophany, Dusty Springfield never felt the need to over strain her vocal chords, she sang like an angel without even trying. I wanted to tear Whitney down but didn't want slating in the process

Regarding The Monkees/Davy Jones I don't really care. The songs were great, the band were colourful and fun & I loved them. Everyone knows they were manufactured to be the US version of The Beatles for a TV show. The Band admit to it, no big secret.

As for the Houston factor, the less said about her the better. Your point though is nail on the head for me.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Whitney had a great voice. Sure, she often sang like Ynwgie Malmsteen plays guitar, but it requires tremendous ability to be able showboat like that. Whatever your musical genre of choice, there's no harm recognizing pure skill when you hear it. Whatever excessive amount of personal problems she may have had, that broad had talent in spades.
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She did have a great voice & her ability is not in doubt. I even respected her for it. For me her voice just wasn't my cup of tea and as time wore on her vocal theatrics seemed to get more over the top. Her personal issues got in the way of her god given talent. Such a waste at such a young age.
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A good example of her influence was X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, who had a Christmas number one with Leonard Cohen's, Hallelujah, and at number two was Jeff Buckleys far superior version, proving there's no accounting for taste. And if more proof is required, second rate actors, Robson and Jerome had a crappy covers album keeping Coldplay's ‘Parachutes’ off the top spot
mr zee
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As Kenny Everetts female character said, “Its all done in the best possible taste”. Supposedley.

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