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Site changes and improvements

DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
This site is looking better by the minute i mean major perfections to everything you guys really pulled a sweat btw i agree johnny we shouldnt have many versions of a tab id say from 1-5
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1540
About handling songs with multiple tabs – I think if you're going to set a limit, it would only make sense to remove any tabs of that song rated less than 4 stars. It's not worth the effort to create a potential 5-star tab if the limit has already been filled by half a dozen 1,2 or 3 star tabs.

Of course that leaves tabs that have yet to be rated to contend with. Maybe leave those up until they ARE rated, and if that rating is less than four stars, give them the axe…?

Though now that I think about it, that could result in someone giving an unrated tab a low rating on purpose to make room for their own tab. Because, y'know, people can be dicks like that.

Eh. It was a thought.
STAFF: Is it possible to have a view counter of the number of people who have voted on a particular tab?

I'm seeing a lot of 5 star votes, and some of them are not even worthy of being 3 stars (no offense directly aimed at tabbers)

I personally, am less concerned of how many people have viewed a tab that I have uploaded. This does not help me nor anybody else about the progress of my tab. I'd rather see the number of votes than views.

Example: RHCP - Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie 3,264 views - 1 vote - result: 5 Star

I admit, it's a decent outline of the song but even I see some flaws in it and I need to re-edit as well as the others I have posted.

Anyhoo - over 3,000 views and 1 vote is deceiving to most people…bottom line is this…there should be more votes for this tab, by the number of people looking at it and personally this tab does not deserve a 5 star, but more realistically 4 star.

Also, a couple of other songs I tabbed have over 1,500 views each and not even one vote. This leads me to believe one of two things. The tab is good and people are not bothering voting or the tab is completely horrible and it doesn't deserve 1 star. The first option is the more realistic outcome, which has been discussed more than once on this forum about the lack of participating in acknowledging ones tab.

Overall - I strongly believe having the number of votes per tab next to the quality Star system will be more beneficial to users and help purge away the ones that do not need to be there. When I come across a certain song that has something like 15 to 20 versions…..something has to give and a whole lot has to go.

This would be very much appreciated if this was applicable.

News on me:
As of lately, I have encountered some extra free time on my hands - which means people will see more of my Defiant ways more often than not. Also I'm going to re-edit most and make small adjustments/changes of the tabs that I have currently posted - changes and alterations will be posted on each tab as by current Date of being edited.

As I had mentioned above - please do not be offended if a tab is rated 5 stars and I believe it to be 3 stars. This is the whole point of voting and leaving a comment at the bottom of someones tab to let them know if it needs improvement or not. I do not exclude myself from the rest of you and when I vote on a tab, I do it out of honesty, not favoritism.

DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
Bro you just summarized everything us tabbers needed
Thanks Danny, but I just think its more appropriate and makes for common sense to view a tab that has a vote of 10 people claiming 5 stars vs. a tab that has 20 people voting 3 stars on a tab. Not saying that I wouldn't look at the 3 star tab eventually, especially if the “so-called” 5 star doesn't appeal to me.

To me, if I could see a tab that had such and such number of people voting on it … without a doubt I would be prompted to vote on it as well and I'm sure others would follow along that guideline too.

Reminds me - STAFF - if you're reading this:

I would not claim this as a problem or an error in the system, but possibly an adjustment needs to be made.

I voted on a tab earlier, and by accident clicked a lower number when I submitted my vote and was unable to change it to what it needed to be.

If there is a way to configure editing our votes, that would be greatly appreciated.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 915
of course we're reading this we'll figure something out after the 5th of may when i get back from a trip. my internet time here is limited, so i use it to approve tabs

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