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Site changes and improvements

johnny [staff]
Posts: 919
Hey guys! I've added a youtube button to the forum, so we can now embed videos. Just paste the link to the actual video in the popup and it will work like this:

In related news, has anyone noticed that the site feels a bit faster and more snappy? Or is it just us?

Seems faster/more responsive to me

Posts: 1499
Thanks Johnny. I was able to edit the tab for Donna.

Any chance of being able to underline in a tab; I use underlining to distinguish fret numbers 10 and up.

johnny [staff]
Posts: 919
I'll try to figure something out!
johnny [staff]
Posts: 919
Ok, Sid! I think I got it.. hopefully this doesn't screw up any other tabs.. if there are problems please let me know. You can now use the same syntax for underline and bold in the tabs as you can here in the forums.
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 285
OK chaps, so roughly 7 months after we promised you private messages, we finally delivered them 5 minutes ago. we really are lightning fast.

from now on, we'll be able to add features much quicker, so go ahead and tell us what you want.

johnny [staff]
Posts: 919
If you wanna send a message to someone just click on the envelope beside his name.. You can read your messages if you click on the envelope beside the link to your profile. When you have a new message this envelope will be colored red!
Posts: 461
This should be fun
Great addition! Get those PM's going peeps!
johnny [staff]
Posts: 919
So guys, any ideas what the next site improvements should be?

I am currently working on an efficient way to join the same artist in the same artist name.. E.g. “Joan Jett” and “Jett, Joan” are currently two different artists according to the site, and I'm trying to find a way to automatically determine that and correctly join the tabs.

Another thing that will come soon is a new tab submission system. Every submitted tab will have a “status” and some feedback comments. How will this work: whenever you submit a tab you can choose a status for it (either “finished” or “in progress” ), so this will eliminate the errors when I approve incomplete tabs. I will only be approving “finished” tabs.

If a tab will not be up to the standards I will explain why in the feedback comments and change the status to something different so the author will know that it has to be corrected before it's published to the website.

With these changes we will make tab submission less error prone and make it possible to promote some contributing members and give them the power to approve their or someone else's tabs to speed up the submission process.

I also like Sid's idea about having different statuses on requests, so that we can see if people are working on a request or not. It's something I will definitely look into.

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