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Is it worth fixing my bass

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I have a bass with a broken nut and I was wondering if its worth fixing it up and getting new pickups and a new nut or should I buy a new bass.
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Replacing the nut on a bass usually isn't too complex or expensive, and there are a TON of good videos on how to do it on YouTube. I tend to like Dave's videos:

Pickups are usually pretty simple as well, provided you are good with a soldering iron. Deciding if spending the money to upgrade pickups is hard to say - if there isn't something wrong with the pickups I don't usually find it worth it, but that's me.

If you're looking at trading in your bass toward a new one then fixing the nut would be good for the value, but swapping the pickups would likely not be.
Replacing a nut is an easy and cheap fix. Don't forget to adjust the height of the new nut, so the bass will intonate well at the first few frets too. This requires a few measurements and some filing.

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