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Songs with awesome bass lines?

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Unreachable by John Frusciente, with flea on bass.
I have been getting into songs like;

Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie - RHCP
Road Trippin' - RHCP
Venice Queen - RHCP
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses
Monster - Skillet
Come As You Are - Nirvana
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

These are all relatively simple bass lines but my god are they awesome! They are so, so catchy and they just get stuck in your head!
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Mindless Self Indulgunce - Never Wanted To Dance …Simply because it's 5 notes throughout the whole song and I can dance and sing whilst playing it ….yep I'm sad like that
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A little off the beaten path here…
Cake - She'll come back to me / Hem of your garment
RHCP - Walkabout
Joe Jackson - fools in love
Elvis Costello - The Beat / Lip service
Tower of Power - (so many) You strike my main nerve
Warren Zevon - Nighttime at the switching yard
Pennywise-bro hymn
The distillers- warriors
Marilyn Manson- Irresponsible hate anthem
Rancid- time bomb
311- Beautiful Disaster
and probably any motorhead or iron maiden song!
Kahvas Jute.. She's so hard to shake.. Wikid
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I guess it could be any Dream Theater's song but I rather “Panic Attack” or “Stream of Consciousness”
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Elvis Costello - Opportunity off of Get Happy!
The good life -three days grace
Low rider - war
Jesse's girl -rick springfeild.
Are you gonna be my girl -jet
Step up guys..

Tool - The Pot
Tool - Forty Six and Two
Three Days Grace - Break
Rage Against A Machine - Killing In The Name
Metallica - Orion

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