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Songs with awesome bass lines?

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As far as I know, Paul always uses a pick. So do I.
I think it's easier with fingerstyle, just to get those two sixteenth notes. If my friends see me using a pick, they assume something is wrong and I need to be watched.
Spillage by The Minutemen. Just a great walking bassline, simply irresistable.
Enjoy playing both ‘Here Comes your man’ by The Pixies and ‘Blood and Roses’ by The Smithereens
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Brickhouse by the Commodores is always a fun one.
Coma by Gn'R. i love Duff's lines, whether they are bass or kindling wood (guitar).
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Queen- Dragon Attack, it is CATCHY
Posts: 41
Longview from Green Day and Peace Sells from Megadeth
any dub fans or any bass fans for that matter, brothers and sisters by butch cassidy sound system. unreal. if anyone can write me the tabs will pay good money!
Blue Oyster Cult- Godzilla has to be my favorite need to turn up the volume!

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