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How to get better at Bass

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So I was gone somewhere for a week without my Bass and now I feel like I need to practice but I don’t feel like I’m improving at the moment and I would really like some help so if anyone has ways to improve then pls tell me. I guess the main problem is I just know some songs and I’m still messing up on them. Even if ppl do think I’m learning faster than most ppl do I don’t think I’m learning enough.
LoudLon [moderator]
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The only way to improve is to practice. There's no short cut or magic formula. Like any skill, it takes discipline and repetition to develop. Try to get into the habit of practicing at least once a day, or whenever you have the opportunity. Just don't put any unrealistic expectations on yourself. It takes as long as it takes, and it doesn't take the same amount of time for any two people. We all learn and improve at our own pace.

That said, there are tons of exercises you can do. One that I found effective was to run scales. Play a scale all the way through. If you mess up, even once, start over again. Keep doing this until you can play the scale five times all the way through without messing up. Any time you mess up, even if you played the first four times perfect and didn't mess up until the fifth, start all over again and try another five times.

Or, if you're not into scales and just want to play covers, no problem. Just apply the above to songs instead of scales. Keep practicing until you can play the song five times all the way through without messing up.

Discipline and repetition. That's what it takes.
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All of the above like Loudon said,
you can break the song up into sections, listen to the section, and follow the tab, and then just try and play it and get the timing into your head as you play along,
and practice on the parts your having trouble with
Ok thanks guys. I’m gonna try the scales thing later.
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You can slow the playback of songs down on Youtube (Settings/Playback Speed). It works on your computer, tablet, phone - whatever you use). Take one of the songs you are having trouble with and drop it to 75% speed. Get it down at that speed then go back to full speed. Once you really have a song down you can even go up to 125% to push yourself and build finger dexterity.
Ok I’ll give that a go too. Thanks guys.
Try choosing an other song, one you want,.
Thanks guys.
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