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Is there a way to stop your fingers from blistering from playing for every long hours

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hey so i play bass everyday for around 6 hours everyday since the start of lockdown with hardly any breaks and it kills my fingers. is there any way to stop your fingers blistering or is it just take more frequent breaks haha

(also im sorry i start alot of threads haha.)
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It depends on which fingers are blistering.

It's rare to blister your fretting fingers, but possible. Concentrate on cleaning up your fretting technique and avoid doing too much sliding while they heal up.

Plucking finger blistering is more common. Try playing a little softer (“Volume is in the amp, not the fingers&rdquo, spend some of your playing time playing with a pick, take breaks, and you may want to look at different strings. Flatwound strings will be easier on your fingers (but do change the feel and sound), and different round wound strings will also have different textures to your fingers.

You can fill blisters with super glue, and even coat your fingertips with it to protect them from blistering. If you're not letting your fingers heal you'll keep fighting this.
Picking fingers? Try using a pick till they're healed. Finger picks work as well.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Take a break every now and then and let our finger pads heal up. Eventually they'll be calloused enough that this won't be an issue anymore.
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Dont play so hard. If your amp is up loud enough you dont need to hit the strings that hard. Unless you want to dig in on certain parts of a song. I have callous on my fingers but never blisters. That tells me you are playing way to hard…

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