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Im starting bass because i finally have free time due to the isolation

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Hello everyone, I'm starting to play bass and I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.
since I'm a beginner I would like to get some advice on bass, how should I start? learning songs or theres any other way to actually progress while this pandemic it's going on?
johnny [staff]
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Some friends of mine are making really good youtube videos teaching how to play the bass. Check out the beginners button at the top of the website.

Here's an example of such a video

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I am starting all over again, myself.

When I learned for the first time, I was fourteen years old, and I knew so little about music. The teacher I started with got me playing some very basic riffs. Popvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, the main riff basically consisted of a series of four notes repeated four times a piece. Playing that bore at least taught me to move my hands around the frets and to pay attention to the note to note rhythm.

But I really started learning when I got a good teacher and he taught me the bass parts of Black Sabbath songs. I think the first song he taught me was Symptom Of The Universe, which has some very good riffs for learning.

I also highly recommend finding tabs of songs that you really like. It is no good learning something that you despise the maker of. When I learned what Popvana or more recent era Poptallica songs consisted of in bass terms, it did not take me long to stop listening. Whereas learning the bass parts of My Dying Bride, Black Sabbath, or Mr. Bungle songs furthered my appreciation of them.

The challenge I am facing right now is finding songs that have riffs within them that are simple enough for me to keep playing over and over to get my hands back in shape, but will keep me interested once I get past that. A lot of the songs I really want to learn are not on this site, but I will keep wishing. Right now, my way of thinking is that I will practice the individual bars of David Bowie songs like Station To Station, and then start stitching the bars together until I can play big parts of the song.

This is just my opinion based on how I learned the first time around, of course. But one thing I must stress above all else is, if you are not enjoying something, stop it. Do not stop playing, but stop the exercise and try to find something that works for you and accomplishes the same end. For example, if you are not enjoying playing Poptallica, get a tab of the bass intro from My Dying Bride's Gather Me Up Forever, and play that instead. I did more or less exactly that.

And always remember. Music should be fun. Even the pros know it on some level. If you are not having fun playing, the people watching you are going to pick up on it.

Now please excuse me whilst I play the hammer-on opening bars from Station To Station for about six hours.
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Pulled my bass out of storage a month ago, and finally dusted off 3 days ago. Found old tab sheets for Sublime April 26(for mellow flow state) and Rage - Bombtrack (Just the bass intro over and over for speed).

Love the Sabbath suggestion- as a beginner beginner and for an identifiable and isolated bass riff, Iron Man makes it fun.
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I've found that The Cure has a LOT of fun and creative bass lines that aren't that hard to play. Lots of repetition, but with a level of precision that you have to work at to obtain.
When I started, I found it very useful to practise muting to a level where it just happens without noticing anymore.
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Undoubtedly, we can say that we are in the era of Coronavirus, and it is a good idea to pass your time with bass guitar at home. If you do not have any formal instruction, it is difficult for you to do well. In this era, you can't take any help from any professional. So, my suggestion for you to watch videos on Youtube or read some good bass guitar books. Reading book will be a great source of passing time at home when you can't go out. You can see here some good books. They were helpful for me.
I started with,
major and minor scales
sliding up and down octaves then halfway, then halfway again and so on,
it'll give you an idea on making your bass ring, whine and sing.
you canbend notes ! if you ever played a banjo, then you know you can do some crazy stuff
standard “up” bend, starting silent on the bend and bringing it down. wagging the note slide and ride etc.
learn to “trot” alternating back/foward up/down
work on hitting notes hard and with control to make them rattle and/or come to a sharp point/stop.

there's a lot you can fall into without ever playing and actual tune. Use the funk Luke !
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Learn anything and everything you possible can. Dont limit yourself to any specific type of music. If the bass sounds good to you play it. If you find something to difficult. Dont give up go back to it later. It all works out in time. The hardest thing about playing bass is sticking with it even if you think you arent getting anywhere. You are. Put time into it and it will reward you. You will look back in time and go wow. I did it. I can play music on a piece of wood and wires. And i have so much more to learn with endless possibilities. Its a journey that never ends if you dont let it. Enjoy and stay safe all !

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