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New expensive 5 string or a 4 and a 5 string.

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You *do* need to mute strings you want to remain silent and you *should* already be doing that with a 4-string.
Exactly. Yeah, the B string is big and creates a lot of sympathetic vibration. But E is only so much smaller than B. The pack of bass strings I am looking at now is 130, 100, 80, 65, 45. That 100 is not going to sit and be polite if you leave it unmuted, five strings or no.
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How the guys with 8 strings do it I'll never fathom

I have an 8-string (EADG with octave strings). I have a Gruv Gear FretWrap helps a TON with muting on it. The “right” way to play is with a pick doing downstrokes, striking down through the octave string to the regular bass string, and it's pretty easy to catch the next octave string down, especially when you (well, I) dig in.

I picked it up at a great price, and the sound is so full I really want to get comfortable playing it, but it's yet another beast to deal with.
Just about every great bassist who ever played an electric bass played a 4 string. Dropping below D is for losers and keyboardists. Get a great four string.
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/edit One of the biggest things that I had to learn was to just accept that every kind of music has its own techniques and ideal notes. Of course, neurological/auditory quirks that make one able to hear the lowest notes on 0db over the highest notes at 50db helps. Haha.
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Started with a four string. Bought a five string and never liked it. Neck was like holding a tree trunk. Went back to a four and just play everything in drop tuning.

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