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Coronavirus pandemic

johnny [staff]
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Hey guys!

How are you affected by the pandemic? Here in Slovenia we are all encouraged to stay at home, schools and kindergartens are closed, so are all shops except grocery stores. I'm gonna use this time to work on my chops and finally fix some problems with the website.

Hope everyone stays healthy, be careful!
LoudLon [moderator]
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So far so good here in the Lon household. I'm not aware of any cases in my immediate area, but it helps that we live way out in the sticks and it's a ten mile drive to anywhere with any sizable human traffic. Still, you can never be too safe, so we're only going out when absolutely necessary.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.
Here in The Netherlands in the Jay studios no problem as far as we know. I do expect a huge increase in about a week, however, because people crowded the supermarkets, standing in line way too close to each other.
I stayed away, as I don't eat or drink toilet paper.

Stay healthy, friends!
Mediterranean's not doing so hot. Here in Greece we pretty much are losing our shit. The only thing I care about is all the shows that have been cancelled over here lmao//

For real though, hope this is all over soon.
More time to slap bass with school out. But Cant currently give my private lessons so that is trash but other than that more time to jam withe the band.
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I'm in the suburbs around Raleigh, North Carolina (east coast of the US). Schools are out, but my wife is a nurse and the surgery center she works at isn't slowing down at all (at this point).

The requests to sequester yourselves, the social distancing, and all of the events being canceled isn't just about protecting you, but helping protect others. My wife, as a Registered Nurse, is at high risk of exposure and my daughter is at high risk if exposed. We can only do so much to mitigate those risks ourselves, but everyone who just follows the guidelines helps.

For me, it's more time to play. Just not with others.
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Screwed actually…
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I live in a place where you can get on a bus and be in one of the country's biggest shopping malls in ten minutes. The government here has got the support and health workers so stressed that many of them are coming down with stress-induced sicknesses, which only adds to the overload on the medical system. Aside from other things, I have had diabetes for three decades, so if I catch COVID-19, straight to hospital with me. People of my age who do not have chronic illnesses or impairments of the immune system (diabetes comes under both, the former a lot more than the latter) are being told they have to isolate themselves for two weeks.

If nothing else, this crisis exposes just how underprepared public services are for a major health crisis. As Stephen King pointed out, compared to the world-ending plague he dreamed up in The Stand, COVID-19 is as a fart to a nuclear explosion. So if nothing else, this current crisis makes us all savvy to how hard the proverbial nuclear explosion will hit us.

So anyway, my basic thing is, I am just going to carry on as usual and if something knocks it down, I will deal with it then. With my history, I have endured enough anxiety and fear to let something make me just isolate myself and endure non-stop buckets of them. That said, if I do get sick, I will also be cooperating as hard as I possibly can with health services. When you have a chronic disease that makes you more likely to become infected and then makes it harder for you to fight off infections, you really have no other option.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'll be relocating this weekend from deep down in the Appalachians to the much larger (and vastly more populous) Louisville metro area, so my chances of exposure are about to surge exponentially. This also means I'll be away from the site for a bit (possibly a month, maybe more). Here's to hoping that when I come back, it's not with a virus in tow lol

Stay safe, stay healthy, and don't start any shit on the boards, folks.
I live in Lombardy (Italy) and here the situation is dramatic. We live indoors in the house only going out for absolutely necessary things (food). We count thousands of deaths, medical devices are running out and many doctors and nurses are getting sick. It seems to me that I live in a film and that this is not actually true. We wait for the day's report every evening hoping that the measures put in place will begin to give results and that the epidemic will stop. My brother is in hospital on therapy and we are worried about him. The biggest problem is the insufficiency with the pulmonary ventilators which means that many patients cannot be treated
If epidemic should start with you too, take it very seriously. Bye
Here in the UK its not so good especially in London, I'm quite lucky as I live in a small town and at latest count there are 4 infected out of just under 25000. Wife's working from home and schools are closed so my daughter is now at home. Me on the other hand have to go to work as I'm down as a critical worker by the government I'm an engineer at a utilities company. Stay safe all.

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