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Any regrets passing on a bass?

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Spinning off the “HAVE YOU EVER REGRETTED SELLING A GUITAR.” thread, instead of the one you let get away, what about the one you didn't get in the first place?

I had a ‘78 Precision, Olympic White, sitting in my lap back in January. It sounded EXACTLY like a P-Bass should, felt great playing, wasn’t too worn but the Olympic White had that beautiful age to it. But then the Sadowsky NYC I bought that day is just absolutely perfect.

But I keep thinking about that P…
LoudLon [moderator]
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Back around ‘06 or so I was at a flea market where I saw a Fender Kingman acoustic bass in like-new condition, going for $75. I had just over eighty bucks in my pocket but I’d also promised by niece and nephews we'd have Bearno's pizza that night, so I decided I'd come back the next day and buy the bass. I was certain the bass would still be there the next day, because honestly, what are the chances of some other schmuck wandering into this little podunk flea market and buying an acoustic bass?

I went back the next day and it was gone. I asked the vendor and he said a guy had come in that morning, and had talked him down to sixty. Had I been physically capable, I'd have kicked myself in the misters right then and there. I like Bearno's pizza. It's great pizza. But it's not as great as getting a $500 acoustic bass for sixty bucks.

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